Mind Over Matter

Sure, I hope everyone shops at The Golden Braid for books and gifts that really speak to us and those we care about the most. But you really don’t have to spend a dime on the one thing that you truly want and desire for yourself.

I think if you really get quiet for a while (for some a long while) with a clear mind and no ego you will come to the conclusion that what most of us really want is peace of mind. Certainly there is no item and no amount of money that will afford us the opportunity to be at peace- to be happy. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, those of us with too many possessions and full focus on the cash rarely have the peace and happiness we desire.

What is an Oracle Deck?

Stop in today and we will help you find the perfect Tarot or Oracle deck. We have over 35 tarot decks and 40 oracle decks to choose from, each with a sample that you can use to help you decide. There is no reason to be intimidated. This ancient form of divination is fun and full of symbols that you can interpret and use as guidance.

Select Spring Books

The Fractured Life of 3743

Author: Cabitto

When Rob was five, he was put up for adoption because of the severe addictions of his parents. As is often the case, these early hardships helped to make the man who he is today. Rob tells what it was like to live untethered to any spiritual, tribal or social belief system--and the consequences associated with an amoral lifestyle. This story is about overcoming immense obstacles as a child, the bad choices he made as a young adult and into adulthood, and the resilience of the human spirit.