The Glass is Completely Full For 2014-

It seems we’re always forced to make decisions and pass judgment on almost every situation we are in. Our primitive way of thinking makes it mandatory for us to choose good or bad, wrong or right, ugly or pretty, win or lose. The irony is that if we become consistent in this process- as in we always choose the bad, wrong and ugly for example, then we in turn are judged as a pessimist or an optimist by those around us.

Introducing New Products for Spring

Hand in Hand Soap

Fresh, beautiful and making a difference—proceeds from our new line of Hand in Hand products go to supplying soap and clean water to impoverished communities in Haiti. These two things (which we take for granted) will help save lives from preventable diseases.

Timeless Childrens’ Stories

The Keeping Quilt
Author: Patricia Polacco

In strongly moving pictures that are as heartwarming as they are real, Polacco tells the story of her own family and a quilt that remains a symbol of their enduring love and faith. Full color.