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 Saturday 10am-6pm

Shantel offers tarot and oracle card readings from a large collection of decks. She uses her intuition to discern which deck to use with each client. Her favorite decks are the 'Herb Crafters Tarot' the 'Mystical Shaman Oracle' and 'Isis Oracle.' After meeting with Shantel clients describe feeling more connected to their own gifts and clear on the next natural step to take in regard to the relationship or choice they have asked about.

At a young age Shantel connected to the spirit realm in order to bring messages from loved ones who had passed. As she became an adult she made it part of her life mission to bring healing messages, joy, and inspiration to those she reads for.

Using her gifts of clairvoyance (including clairaudience, clair cognizance, and kinesthetic sensitivity) she is able to individualize each reading by addressing root causes of blocked energy and to offer suggestions for clearing or healing those blocks. She is able to draw out capabilities and attributes and gifts in clients that they have access to but might not have known they had.

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