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Summer is a time to be outside in nature’s beauty and for adventurous hiking in our National Parks. In summer, we pause and listen to the music of wind chimes and feel gratitude while sipping a cool drink in our beautiful courtyard. It’s peace, connection, and an awakening to the world around us.


At Golden Braid Books we invite you to come and do just that. Explore our wind chimes and garden tool set, drink coasters and reusable stirrer spoons for fun summer gatherings. To feel your best during the heat waves, remember to hydrate by decorating your water bottle with sticker art. When it’s summertime, it’s time to play under the sun, and Golden Braid Books has what you need to fulfill your adventurous needs.

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From gongs to bells, to all different shapes, sizes, sounds and styles; chimes flow and sway with the wind, creating a beautiful dance to its own vibration. Chimes can provide a peaceful atmosphere to reconnect you to the earth’s elements, and bring you to a meditative zen. They are wonderful additions to ring in the warmer seasons, and are a thoughtful gift for special occasions.

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Gardening Tools

For those green thumbs who enjoy spending time outside beautifying their flower patches and upkeeping their gardens, this garden tool set is for you! This tool set includes a gardening fork and trowel made out of stainless steel. Engraved on it, “a little dirt never hurt,” which will ring true for those who are ready to get down and dirty! These simple tools will assist you in completing your hard work so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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These inspired landscape designs, invite you to explore more of your adventurous side. The artists who designed the stickers, each tell a story of great memories shared with family and friends. Based out of Durango, C.O. they wanted to create a sticker that can handle harsh environments. Each made out of heavy-duty U.V proof vinyl, with aggressive adhesive, these stickers are sure to last for years! These stickers are dishwasher safe, and waterproof. Be sure to stay hydrated, and add some art to your water bottles during the warmer seasons and beyond.

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Drink Stirers

To fight off the heat it is nice to cool off with a glass of iced-tea with a little sugar. These cute, 4 to a pack, bee stirrer spoons, are surely going to make you happy. They’re not only useful to stir in cream, sugar, or ice cubes, but they are also reusable! While you are enjoying the sun, be sure not to forget these adorable, ecofriendly, golden bee stirrers to keep you company.

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We carry a variety of cookbooks highlighting plant based and environmentally friendly diets as well as regional and cultural cuisine.