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The Autumn Season at the Golden Braid welcomes cooler weather with warm scarves, unique calendars, fall-inspired candles, and carefully selected lotions for chapped hands. As the colors change outside, our own metamorphosis comes from within during this dynamic season, and Golden Braid Books has all the tools you need to embrace your inner - and outer - journeys.


Our Dia de Los Muertos offering tables and our Halloween gatherings bring our patrons together for ceremony, celebration, and connection.


As the weather gets colder the instinct to nest begins. We have a wide selection of statues that honor the sacred deities of various spiritual traditions. We also carry a range of sizes and price points so you can chose between a pocket Buddha or a large statue as the focal point for any room.



For the student returning to school this Fall, check out our beautiful assortment of lined and unlined journals. We buy from publishers that use soy-based inks, recycled paper, and/or use licensed images on their blank books. This supports the artists as well as the artists' descendants.



The art of Van Gogh, the meditations of Thich Nhat Hahn, and art from the collections of various museums make up our Calendar Collection. Each year we carry datebooks with astrological information and eighteen-month calendars so you can plan your Holidays before they arrive.


Dry air equals dry hands. We have a variety of lotions, each luxuriously moisturizing and deliciously fragrant. One of our bestsellers in Fall is the brand The Naked Bee because it is made with certified Organic Aloe Vera & Sunflower oil and doesn’t contain any drying alcohol, dyes, or pigments and is never tested on animals.

Dia de los Muertos display

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