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One of the most popular and unique experiences at The Golden Braid is sitting down with one of our readers. Our intuitives have a variety of talents, honed through years of service and study. Whether you have specific questions or are just reflecting on the general state of your life, these spiritual guides are here to help. If you are interested, please read through the various biographies of each reader to get a feel for who you would like to work with or give us a call and we'll try to help you find the right one. Currently our experienced intuitives include Ross Gigliotti, Barbara Ljord, Kady Newland, and Shawn Lerwill.

60 Minute Reading: $80

40 Minute Reading: $60

30 Minute Reading: $45

Please call for an appointment. 801 322 1162

Ross Gigliotti
(Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

Ross Gigliotti is our Italian intuitive from the old and new world combined. Coming from a family of great intuition and depth, he began to demonstrate his natural abilities as a psychic at a very young age. As a preschooler, Ross would draw pictures of events days before they would appear in the newspaper. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in microbiology and pursued careers in science, music and construction.

After being led to develop and explore his psychic abilities, Ross began his work with people to help coach them through various life transitions. He does this by aptly sorting through the many patterns and complexities of each person in a way that he can find the seed that continues to cause suffering in our lives.
Ross is a strategist and will help you navigate through the pathways of your life that have been previously challenging or blocked. He has worked through so many of his own challenges that his clients can feel and trust his skills.

Shawn Lerwill
(Mon, Tues, Wed)

Shawn Lerwill is a massage therapist and former instructor for the Provo College in Utah. He is skilled in teaching all students to learn about healing energies by experiencing them on a personal as well as cognitive level. He has proven himself to be exceptional in the understanding of energetic healing modalities. He has his own private practice and has worked in hospice care with the terminally ill.

Shawn experienced a tremendous shift in his psychic abilities following a near death experience. As one part of his brain was injured another part miraculously opened. So while his short-term memory is not very good. His ability to channel guides, the dead, and angels is exceptional. He is always and completely connected to the higher realms as he needs their guidance to assist him in his daily life.

Barbara Ljord
(Fri, Sat, Sun)

Barbara LJord is one of Australia's most respected Spiritual mediums having been born a natural medium. Barbara has been demonstrating her spiritual gifts on a public platform for a period of over 30 years having worked in three countries and in four States of Australia, in addition to working in the United States.

There have been many instances of proof positive being shown through many thousands of readings over a period of many years in the spiritual work she has been part of.
Barbara works with the Angelic Realm and Spiritual Guides to bring help to all those who seek some direction in their lives. She is also a Reiki Master having studied and received all three levels of attainment. She has given her services to the public voluntarily to raise funds for charities over a period of many years and has been a member of the United Spiritualists Association of Australia, and has worked for every known Spiritualists organization in Australia. She now lives in Utah permanently.