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Natasha Senkovich was naturally drawn to the art of divination, and has been doing readings since she was in high school. Growing up in Croatia in an intuitive family, she was encouraged to express her gift. As a little girl, she watched her mother spend hours in the evening reading the Turkish coffee cup and Lenormand cards with her friends. As a teenager, her aunt took her and a friend to a local gypsy fortuneteller for a reading. Natasha loved those early magical experiences and developed a deep sense of respect and fascination for the metaphysical arts.


Natasha has been reading Tarot and Lenormand cards for several decades, and also teaches classes in both of those fascinating divination modalities. 

When reading the Tarot, she excels in solving challenging life problems and making sure that her clients leave with answers and solutions that they can apply in their lives. Natasha has helped celebrities, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with her unique approach to readings. She especially loves helping her clients in the process of decision making. 


The Lenormand are more of a "psychic barometer", where it is possible to see the energies that have entered the client's energetic field, but have not quite materialized yet. The Lenormand can foretell upcoming health issues, financial gains or losses, or unexpected new romances. 


In addition to reading Tarot and Lenormand cards, Natasha also reads Turkish coffee cups. Reading the cup is a fascinating experience, where the coffee residue forms images and pictures that give important and interesting information. Unlike the cards, the cup shows only what it chooses to show! It works best when used in combination with a Tarot card reading, so the client is able to ask specific questions.


In addition to her intuitive work, Natasha is also a Theta and Pranic Healer, a bellydancer, and an intuitive business coach.



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