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Ross offers tarot readings that draw from the Sacred Path, Medicine Cards, and Thoth tarot decks. After meeting with him, clients describe feeling better equipped to navigate through the pathways of their lives and feel able to identify which patterns have caused them challenges or have blocked them in the past. 


Ross has been a professional reader for over fourteen years and has been part of the Golden Braid team for twelve years. He is an Italian intuitive combining old and new world practices. He comes from a family of great intuition and depth and began to demonstrate his natural abilities as a psychic at a very young age. When he was in pre-school, Ross would draw pictures of events days before they appeared in the newspaper. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in microbiology and pursued careers in science, music, and construction.


After being led to develop and explore his psychic abilities, Ross began working directly with others to help coach them through various life transitions. He does this aptly by sorting through the many patterns and complexities inherent in each person’s life to identify the seed that continues to cause that individual suffering. He has worked through so many of his own challenges that his clients can feel and trust his skills.



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