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Shawn will be the first to tell you that he is not like other psychics.  Rather than being born with his psychic gifts, his abilities came with astonishing force after a traumatic brain injury and subsequent near-death experience.

Although he lost a great deal in the injury, he gained a tangible connection to the mystery that connects us all.

A lasting aspect of the brain injury is the possibility that Shawn may not remember you, even after a few readings.  However, you will never doubt his sincerity or his compassion.  His desire to assist you in facilitating your personal and spiritual development is genuine. 


Shawn’s Skills

Shawn has the ability to see solutions in the most challenging situations and assist you in actualizing your freedom.  He may use a combination of tarot or astrology, yet his intuitive wisdom will imbue every step of the way.

Shawn has been using the tarot for more than 10 years and is a highly trained astrologist with nearly a decade of experience.  Shawn has an uncanny ability to use his skills to craft and predict timing in readings.

Shawn loves working with relationships of all kinds and is great at guiding you through areas in your life where relationships are lost, stuck, or in limbo.


Shawn has a gift of leading you with grace into your own truth and you will know that you are not only safe with him, but you are also safe with yourself.


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