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Featured Products

Springtime at Golden Braid Books bursts with bright, fresh, floral displays and excitement for warmer weather and longer days. Look for lovely lightweight robes perfect for the balmy temperatures, cookbooks to help you make the most of your farmer's market purchases, and inspirational tools for creating calming and functional outdoor spaces. We love bringing in vibrant home decor and fun outdoor statues and displays for your gardens during this time of year.



We love to bring our customers functional and reusable products that enhance their lives and help sustain our planet. Look for reusable straws and bags as well as ethically-sourced products for your Spring season.



One Hundred Stars is a company started by two sisters  in the UK. They have created luxurious full-length, screen-printed robes made of material so soft and light that you'll never want to take it off!



Need help setting a new calming space in your home or garden? We have the books and tools to help you do just that!



We carry a variety of cookbooks highlighting plant-based and environmentally-friendly diets as well as regional and cultural cuisine.

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