William Richardson

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William Richardson is a self-taught astrologer and an artist of tarot interpretation. In reading with Will, clients can expect to tap into their own intuition and will be encouraged to follow this intuition when called to do so. Will believes each tarot card contains imagery ripe symbolic meaning specific to each client. 


For the past ten years Will has devoured every book he could find on the topic of Astrology. Over the course of that time, Will developed individualized impressions and opinions about the influence of various planets in his own life as each moved through the different houses. What initially began as a hobby soon became something friends sought him out for insight into how astrological patterns could help each person evaluate personal relationships and important decisions. By combining his knowledge of astrology and the images appearing in the tarot, Will is able to help clients navigate the decisions ahead of them. 

When reading with a client Will draws upon mysticism, energetic impressions, archetypal symbols on tarot cards, and the current astrological patterns influencing a client. He believes that these forces together can deliver a message that is specific and personal to each client.

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