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Mila Sherman


   30 min...........................................$45

   40 min...........................................$60

   60 min...........................................$80

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday



Inspired by difficult early experiences, Mila has long since been fascinated by studying herself and other people through a variety of psychological and spiritual avenues. She has a strong desire to share all she has learned in order to help others heal, understand their upbringings, communicate more effectively, build better relationships, and realize their career and creative destinies.


Mila specializes in tarot and the astrology of individuals and relationships, and can identify personality traits, strengths, limitations, childhood experiences, and opportunities for evolution from a client’s astrology chart. She uses birth charts, relationship charts, and the Thoth tarot deck to answer specific life questions and relay insight from a client’s spirit guides. She also helps clients navigate changes in consciousness that take place via “transits”, when the moving planets of the sky make contact with the planets of one’s birth chart and trigger events and life changes. Mila has a fascination with how the different parts of the psyche, as represented by the planets, interact with one another in order to create a range of tendencies and beliefs. She emphasizes that although the birth chart itself is an unchanging blueprint, free will, self awareness, and inner work go a long way into shaping the ultimate character of each person. Mila strives to help others realize the excitement of being in control of their own lives and expressing the most enlightened possibilities of their traits, rather than feeling at the mercy of predestination or fate.


In addition to astrology and tarot, Mila also studies Hermetic Qabalah, the tree of life, psychology, dreams, synchronicities, and the symbolic language of the world. Through her experiences she has awoken to endless wonder over the metaphorical and dreamlike principles that guide waking life, and the awareness that much of our reality and perception is a projection of our inner selves upon the world. She is on a lifelong journey to capture the essence of all that is mystical in the mundane. In her spare time, she records and explores the meaning of the recurring symbols she encounters in daily life, books, music, mythology, memories, dreams, and interior reflections. For her, this practice has been essential to realizing the timeless universal principles that are woven throughout all of her individual experiences, and crafting an ever growing sense of higher meaning. She channels this well of higher meaning into her poetry, drawings, paintings, and music. Ultimately, she believes that creativity and mythology are fundamental aspects of human existence that help us to transform all that we are dealt into lasting wisdom and joy.



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